Organik Festival 音樂祭人體彩繪「花草幾何暈染」Geometric Tattoo

Organik Festival 2018 4/27-29 在花蓮牛山。呼庭 🏖

Mitopia Art 依照本次ORGANIK音樂祭主視覺,所設定的彩繪主題為『花草幾何暈染』


“A shooting star, a clouding of the sight, a lamp, An illusion, a drop of dew, a bubble, A dream, a lightning’s flash, a thunder cloud. It is all condition existence to be seen.”

Mitopia Art have been invited to be the body painters for the annual greatest music festival, Organik Festival in Niushan Huting, Hualien this weekend, come to party with us and get your unique Body painting!

#mitopiart#bodypainting#hualien #organikfestival

Body Art by Ivy Li

Body Art by Ivy Li

Body Art By Ivy Li

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