WOW- Women of the World Festival世界女性藝術節

感謝邀請Mitopia Art為WOW世界女性藝術節合作品牌,為本次活動設計兩款專屬身體彩繪圖騰。


“Bloom” Where You’re Planted.


“Unwind” Your Body and Mind.


Mika Mitopia

📍衛武營國家藝術文化中心:高雄市鳳山區三多一路 1 號



Mitopia Art 品牌理念



品牌主理人Mika Mitopia是台灣身體彩繪藝術家,畫過各種膚色、身型的女體,藉由身體彩繪展現女性自然軀體的美,因著更認識自己的身體而建立自信,那些看似不夠完美的部位,都使我們成為獨特的自己,品牌理念致力研究身體藝術與心理的關聯,身體是靈魂最好的圖畫。



特別感謝Mitopia Art彩繪師同時也是美妝部落客 @yuna.yu.yuna 南下畫彩繪!

WOW – Women of the World Festival — WOW世界女性藝術節
WOW 是 WOMEN OF THE WORLD 「世界的女性」的縮寫,由曾任英國南岸藝術中心藝術總監多年的裘德.凱莉(Jude KELLY)創辦,自2010年起,在全球六大洲30多個城市,鼓勵並提升女性的社會地位,累積超過3百萬名參與者。串連藝文、學術、社群、教育、企業、非營利組織等領域,收集各年齡層、不同背景的在地民眾聲音,整合出以 #連結對話 、#換位同理 、#歡慶共創 為核心精神的「WOW高雄2021世界女性藝術節」,內容包括講座、參與式演出、對談、身體工作坊及放映櫥窗等超過數十場精彩活動與節目,希望在聆聽、分享與重新學習的過程中,共同探討實踐平權的方向。期許以藝術節來讓每一位女人、女孩更有力量,營造性別友善的世界。

The WOW Foundation exists to build, convene and sustain a global movement that believes a gender equal world is desirable, possible and urgently required.

WOW – Women of the World was founded by Jude Kelly in 2010, when the first WOW Festival took place at Southbank Centre. Since then, WOW Festivals celebrating women and girls, and taking a frank look at the obstacles they face, have taken place across the globe, reaching more than three million people. 

Through festivals, events, schools programmes and more, WOW challenges the belief that gender equality has already been achieved – and hopes to join the dots between people, movements and ideas to change the world.

In 2018 Jude Kelly left her role as Artistic Director of Southbank Centre to focus solely on the development of WOW as an independent charity. The WOW Foundation was established to fulfil WOW’s potential.

To date, WOW has staged over 100 festivals and events across six continents, reaching more than two million people.

The WOW Foundation’s President is HRH The Duchess of Cornwall.

“If you identify as a woman or know a woman, WOW is for you” – Jude Kelly

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