Mulan, Make Up! 轉世花木蘭

《轉世花木蘭》為台北國際藝術村年度活動2018 TAV Art project,週末的美好夜晚,濕地也瘋狂,我在現場做live painting身體彩繪,第二次現場開放式的彩繪給來參加活動的觀眾欣賞,一個行動藝術表演的概念,在有限時間內完成兩位drag queens的全身彩繪,邊畫邊表演,這場派對與多位不同領域與性別研究相關的藝術家們合作、影像放映及聲音藝術與DJ等多元表演的形式呈現,很有趣的經驗。本次與兩位drag queen合作主題為「亞當與夏娃」,不過我們有兩位夏娃 。
A gender bending party happened at Venue! I was there to do live body painting for Taipei Popcorn and Lady Anjelica MacDeath, the concept of painting is Adam(Eve) and Eve, according to the creation myth of the Abrahamic religions, were the first man and woman. They are central to the belief that humanity is in essence a single family, with everyone descended from a single pair of original ancestors, reflect on nowadays, love has no gender, love is love. it was fun and excited to work with @ladyanjelicamacdeath, a drag queen, writer and actress, and Taipei Popcorn, a drag performer and LGBT rights activist. @yuchengta and @lovebettyapple for creating such a queer and colourful night for us. Thank you Taipei TAV Art project for supporting all the artists, it was an expressive and free night!


《轉世花木蘭》透過一位我們熟知代父從軍、女扮男裝的「花木蘭」作為性別想像的引子,逼視僵化於社會傳統中「陰陽」、「精神肉體」、「剛柔」的二元分法,進而「變身」—— 來延展超越兩性框架之外的自我認同與慾望表演。

Mulan, Make Up! is a gender imagination inspired by the well-known legendary warrior, Hua Mulan, who took her father’s place in the army by dressing up and pretending to be a man. It examines the dualism found in social traditions, including the yin and the yang, mind and body, masculinity and femininity, leading to a metamorphosis that extends into self-identification and performances of desires, transcending beyond the gender framework. This party is in collaboration with several artists from different disciplines and gender study related fields, with a wide range of different formats including script reading, performance, screening, and sound art integrated. In the party: “The he‑hare’s feet go hop and skip; the she‑hare’s eyes are muddled and fuddled. Two hares running side by side close to the ground; how can they tell if I am he or she?” (The Ballad of Mulan); let us collectively imagine gender fluidity and believe in the words of the song in the animated feature film when Mulan sees her/his own reflection, “How I pray, that a time will come I can free myself and meet their expectations. On that day, I’ll discover someway to be myself…”

策劃 /余政達 Cheng-Ta Yu
統籌 / Betty Apple-鄭宜蘋
共同主辦/ 台北國際藝術村 Taipei Artist Village
視覺設計/ 王淳俐 (Jenny Wang)
現場裝置/羅智信 Luo Jr-Shin
木蘭師講者/ 酸六 (黃志捷)、 程阿介、 陳昶諭、 黃鹿其
Betty Apple-鄭宜蘋、 飛利冰 Feilibing IceQueen、 女神下午茶、 Victoria Sin、 Taipei Popcorn 爆米花、Lady Anjelica MacDeath、Mitopia Art、 咪咪大師 / Master Mimi、Tenga baby 傅昱 CORAL
現場直播 x 主持 思想高潮 (Cum for Thought)
《轉世花木蘭》為台北國際藝術村 Taipei Artist Village年度活動2018 TAV Art project//「透明象限」-藝術採集計畫邀請策畫相關活動

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