Longchamp 媒體發表彩繪活動

Longchamp Summer 2018 collection press presentation.

本次很榮幸跟法國精品Longchamp 合作媒體發表活動,主題為「The African Art in Paris gallery」。

Mitopia Art依照主題所設計的四款人體彩繪圖騰,以及兩款皮革手環彩繪。讓現場來參與派對的媒體編輯,以及時尚部落客們,都可以體驗當季圖騰彩繪在身上的驚喜!

感謝Longchamp 公關Grace的精心策劃,活動圓滿成功,當天連續畫五個小時未停,感謝大家的熱烈參與!

Mitopia Art cooperated with longchamp for Summer 2018 collection press presentation as a body painting artist, to do the body art for media reporters, journalists and their VVIP clients.

We designed four kinda patterns of body art and two patterns of leather bracelet according to the topic 「The African Art in Paris gallery」

Everyone who came to the party can experience the designs be painted on skin or leather bracelet, especially for body art, the colors I used on skin can last for 7 days, it’s the best gift for them as a good memory!

Thank you Longchamp Taiwan, especially for marketing plan Grace Chen, we have enjoyed a lots!

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